Energy plays an important role in our lives. The quality of life, lifespan of the citizens and the economic development of the nation largely depend on energy. Presently, the primary source of energy is fossil fuel. Problems associated with global warming, increased city pollution, limited fossil fuel reserves and enormous augmentation in the demand for energy have prompted serious research towards the hunt for clean, renewable energy technologies. Renewable energy sources such as solar, wind or geothermal no doubt offer clean energy. However, the intermittent renewable energy resources require efficient energy storage devices in order to provide reliable and continuous power supply. In line with the energy needs of the modern world and rising environmental concerns, it is now indispensable that low-cost and environmentally benign energy conversion and superior energy storage devices are mandatory to ensure the permanence of energy supply and to achieve rapid developments in the energy related areas.


World level organisation for energy management similar to that exist for health, food, aviation, maritime, peace, etc., is a need of the hour. The same is valid on a national level as well, where the number of institutions devoted to energy and related areas are limited. In view of this, the “Centre for Energy Storage & Conversion” is formed to provide solutions for one of the critical issues of the world. The research activities in the centre are in the form of research based projects funded by various national and international funding agencies.


The objectives of the centre are:


  • To develop integrated systems for effective utilization of renewable energy through basic and applied research on energy conversion and storage
  • To provide sustainable power to remote areas
  • To develop experts in the field of energy storage and conversion through new programmes, namely, B.Tech. (Electrochemical Engineering) and M.Sc./M.Tech. (Material Science)
  • To serve as avenues where holistic approaches to the lingering energy crisis would be addressed through fruitful research by the energy experts, industrialists, and young vibrant students




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