The School of chemical and biotechnology has been at the forefront of providing latest infrastructural needs to fulfill needs of the faculty, research scholars, and students. Right from high-end laboratory equipment to computational facilities, SCBT has a world class infrastructure that is utilized in performing world class research, state of the art teaching capabilities, and other academic activities.


The School has 30 classrooms with varying capacity all equipped with a ICT Facility. The School houses an auditorium with a capacity of 300 persons that can be utilised for conferences, seminars and the activities of student professional associations and clubs.


The School has over 30 academic laboratories for students to carry out experiments in various laboratory courses. These include Biomechanics laboratory,  Biomedical instrumentation Laboratory, Optometry Laboratory, Tissue Scaffold Fabirication Laboratory, Nanomaterials and Characterisation Laboratory, Biochemistry & Clinical Biochemistry Laboratory, Bioprocess Engineering Laboratory, Chemical Reaction Engineering Laboratory,  Downstream Processing Laboratory, Physical Chemistry Laboratory, Multi-purpose Chemistry Laboratory, Bioinformatics Laboratory, Heat & Mass Transfer Laboratory, Immunology Laboratory  Microbiology Laboratory, Molecular & Genetic Engineering Laboratory, Molecular Biotechnology Laboratory, Particle Mechanics & Mechanical Operations and Preformulation Lab.


The high end computers with both Windows and Linux operating systems with commercial Drug discovery software packages Schrodinger suite of programmes, SeeSAR, StarDrop, ASPEN, Prosim and Gaussian Packages are accessible remotely to enable the students to utilise these packages from home.



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