The Bioengineering division of the School of Chemical & Biotechnology  was established in 2002. The B.Tech., programme in Bioengineering is accredited by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), London, which stands as a testimony to the programme curricula's international standards and the division's continuous efforts to evolve. The bioengineering division offers interdisciplinary programme in Bioengineering, Medical Nanotechnology and Optometry. Bioengineering is the application of diverse engineering principles to repair, remodel and regenerate the form and function of biological organ systems. Medical nanotechnology is the application of nanotechnology to repair, regenerate defective tissues and treat diseases. Optometry is the application of engineering principles in the protection of eye and rectification of eye defects. Our thrust areas in curricula and research are Tissue Engineering, Biosensors, Drug Delivery Systems, Stem Cell Biology, Regenerative medicine, Nanotechnology, Prosthetics and Rehabilitation Engineering.


All our programmes are multidimensional and learner-centric to instill diverse competencies in Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Engineering, Medical Sciences, Biology, and Applied sciences. Our graduates will be able to demonstrate strong foundations in engineering principles, research aptitude, present ideas, create models, critically analyze given scenarios, and solve problems that are related to health and related areas. Our constant emphasis and sensitization on the global morbidity/mortality rates, emerging diseases, integrity, professional codes, and humanist values motivate our learners to mitigate healthcare demands.



With highly qualified faculty and graduates, the Bioengineering division intends to be a seat of learning and innovation. We aim to develop novel technologies for the advancement of healthcare and biomedical sciences.



The division’s mission incorporates the Institution's objectives of providing world-class education, promoting research and creating an intellectual environment that allows for open thinking and preparing students for skilled and ethical service to their communities.


The division's unique mission is:

  • To impart state-of-the-art training and education to future professionals enabling the learners to use engineering tools to study, design and provide solutions in the healthcare industry.
  • To promote scientific inquiry and research into new, unexplored problems at the interface of engineering and the biomedical sciences.
  • To prepare industry-ready professionals capable of providing accessible and environment-friendly solutions for contemporary health problems using research and innovation.


 Programmes Offered

B. Tech. – Bioengineering (4 years)

M. Tech. – Medical Nanotechnology (5 years integrated)

M. Tech. – Medical Nanotechnology (2 years)

B. Optom (4 years Optometry in collaboration with Elite School of Optometry (ESO), Sankar Netralaya, Chennai)

M. Optom (2 years Optometry in collaboration with Elite School of Optometry (ESO), Sankar Netralaya, Chennai)


For more details contact:  Dr. Uma Maheshwari K (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

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