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Plant Metabolome Database (PMDB) is a structurally and functionally annotated database of metabolites present in plants. The current version of the database has more than 1000 metabolites. Each entry provides comprehensive details about the metabolite name, common name for the metabolite, description, canonical as well isomeric smiles,Molecular formula,different file formats (SDF, MOL, and PDB) and 2D structure of the metabolites. The PMDB provides internal and external links to databases (KEGG, PUBCHEM, and CHEBI).

The database integrates tools like JME Editor and JMOL for sketching, displaying and manipulating metabolites structures. PMDB is a unique effort put in by us in order to integrate all the information available about small molecules under one roof so as to make it easy for researchers and scientists to access all the required information in the first sight.  

M. Udayakumar, D. Prem Chandar, N. Arun, J. Mathangi, K. Hemavathi and R. Seenivasagam (2011) PMDB: Plant Metabolome Database—A Metabolomic Approach Medicinal Chemistry Research

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