A webserver to interpret GPML files for Metabolic Pathways
Welcome to PATHVisio++

Pathways represent organized information about genes, proteins and metabolites. They have information about omics data, literature search and protein interaction data. Wikipathways is a pathway database designed and managed by BigCat which contains both metabolic and proteomic pathways. The pathways in Wikipathways are of GPML format which is unique to itself. Wikipathways is an extension of GenMAPP pathway collection. Pathvisio is the only software designed to interpret and analyse GPML files. Pathways can be directly edited from a java applet editor where you can draw genes, proteins and their interactions like in any popular drawing tool. It is a static interface which shows only the pictorial representation of the pathways. Pathvisio++ is a highly interactive web based server which improves the functionality of Pathvisio, making it highly user friendly and efficient tool for analysing pathways. It is designed using XML, PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML, Ajax, Perl, Bio Perl, HTML Maps and Apache server integrated with the WAMP server. It has many features like JavaScript viewer for visualisation, ontologies for the genes involved in the pathways, modifying cellular location, visualisation of SNPs of the related genes in the pathways and exporting data in the form of an annotated table.

PATHVISIO++ server predicts does the following:

  • Javscriptviewer for Pathways
  • Ontologies for Wikipathways
  • Cellular Location
  • Exporting the Pathway into a fully annotated table