International Conference on Multidisciplinary Frontiers of Medicinal Chemistry: Synthesis, Molecular Biology & Technology

18th & 19th January 2013


Unprecedented opportunities and challenges are the most fascinating countenance of Medicinal Chemistry in 21st Century. The International Conference on 'Multidisciplinary Frontiers of Medicinal Chemistry: Synthesis, Molecular Biology & Technology' (MFMC) at SASTRA University brings together leading drug designers from academia to discuss innovative approaches to success. The conference program has been created around seven key themes that cover the scientific, technological and operational tools for modern medicinal chemists which need to design both efficiently and effectively. Design Space: new thinking in multi-objective design, tactics to reduce toxicity risk, optimization of ADME and CNS properties and different drug delivery systems. Molecular Biology and Enzymology: Identification of the bio-diversified targets to design specific drugs. This conference is pivotal in drug research and development, in particular medicinal and synthetic chemists, combinatorial chemists, molecular modelers, pharmacologists, as well as development chemists.