M.Tech. Chemical Engineering

Scheme of Study for M.Tech. (Chemical Engineering)

Semester – I

Course Code Course L-T-P-C
MCHE101 Numerical Analysis 5-1-0-4
MCHE102 Computational Flow Modelling 4-1-0-4
MCHE103 Transport Phenomena 4-1-0-5
MCHE104 Equipment Design 4-0-0-4
MCHE105 Polymer Science 3-1-0-3
MCHE106 Seminar 0-0-1-1
  Total 20-4-1-21

Semester – II

Course Code Course L-T-P-C
MCHE201 Piping & Instrumentation Layout 4-1-0-4
MCHE202 Computer Applications in Chemical Engineering 4-1-0-4
MCHE203 Advanced Separation Processes 4-1-0-4
MCHE204 Management of Research & Development 4-1-0-4
MCHE205 Chemical Engineering Laboratory 0-0-3-2
MCHE206 Seminar 0-0-1-1
  Total 16-4-4-19

Semester – III

Course Code Course L-T-P-C
MCHE301 Conceptual Design of Chemical Processes/

Multiphase Reactors

MCHE302E1/E2/E3 Nuclear Reactor Technology/ Enzyme Engineering/Fluidization Engineering/Intellectual Property Rights 3-1-0-3
MCHE303 Mini Project 0-0-8-4
  Total 7-2-8-11

Semester – IV

Course Code Course L-T-P-C
MCHE401 Project Work & Viva Voce 0-0-24-12