The plants which possess therapeutic properties or which exercise salutary pharmacological effects are termed as ‘Medicinal plants’. Substances derived from plants have been used for medicinal purposes since time immemorial. However, many medicinal plants also possess toxicological properties which are largely dependent on the concentration of the active principle. In case of Purple Foxglove, the biochemical active compound, Digitalis purpurea, increases the muscle contraction ability of the heart. but on the other hand it reduces the pulse rate significantly which is an unwelcome side effect.

We have built a specialized relational database(APMP) and a search engines which constitutes the medicinal plants incorporating their structural information and annotated data of active constituents, toxicological, biochemical, pharmacological activity and technical data . There will be an hyperlink associated with every active principles which contains molecular descriptors ,SMILES notation.

Each Medicinal Plant entry is annotated with data extracted from online databases which includes

Each active principle is annotated with the following :