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The functionality of a gene and a protein depends on the repeats occurring in it sequence. Biologists are always interested in studying such repeats, as a consequence of their vitality and apparent involvement in causing of disease in genome level. Analyzing of the genomic and proteomic sequence to find such repeats needs some algorithmic support from informatics level. Many tools and servers are available for such purpose. Here we propose an offline stand alone computational toolkit RSMD which encrypts some new approaches in it. Using simple algorithms RSMD can predict the repeats in an efficient and sensitive way. The tool identifies the repeats and commonly occurring Motifs in the sequence, apart from displaying the unique repeats, repeat location, nearby sequence of user preferable length, number of occurrence of the repeats and many other features. The input genomic and proteomic sequence can be single or of multi level. The sequence is searched for unique repeats and its occurrence in the sequence is graphically visualized neatly using a GUI. The pattern of the motif is already stored in the RSMD algorithm for its easy and time consuming working. In this article, the working of RSMD is discussed along with its novel features and algorithm.

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