PDB@ was developed using Perl and PerlTk. The application provides excellent GUI using PerlTk widgets. PDB@ integrates publicly accessible software packages like ClustalW . The toolkit itself is divided into various modules like Graphical Viewer, Ramachandran Explore and PDB Editor which is shown below.

Please click here to download PDB@

PDB@-Schema DiagramGraphical ViewerRamachandran Explorer with SliderPDB Editor

PERL Modules utlized in PDB@

  • PerlTk

  • WWW::Mechanize

  • Tk::Checkbutton

  • Tk::BrowseEntry

  • Tk::TableMatrix

  • Tk::TableMatrix::Spreadsheet

  • Tk::Table

  • Tk::LabFrame

  • List::Util qw(max)

  • List::Util qw(min)

  • Bio::Structure::IO

  • Various sites from where the foretold softwares and modules can be installed:
    1. Perl setup

    2. PerlTk and modules

    3. -Note:You can also refer to any other link.


    M. Udayakumar
    Sadhana Ravisankar
    Sai Mukund. R